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What is really the definition of ‘Chivalry’?


By REQUEST, I will begin to express my dearest opinions towards this topic.

A dead, well, dying stereotypical characteristic… It mainly depends on how you interpret what the notion of ‘chivalry’ actually is. It can be seen through a person living in the 18th, 19th or 20th century OR even back in the ancient society.

Ill express these different classifications of the ways people express the attitude, ‘chivalry’ through chronological order of events in history.

But I’ll start with modern day. In this contemporary age, the basic definition of ‘chivalry’ is ‘a courtesy towards women’. In relation, when one opens a door for a woman, it is classified as a characteristic of ‘chivalry’. This is not the case in this day and age. I may not speak for the whole of society as interpretations differ, the minds of every person is unique and so, I cannot clarify a general interpretation of ‘chivalry’, however, I can clarify for you, ‘MY’ interpretation of chivalry.

I believe that idea that to call someone ‘mistress’ is a dying custom and that only very few continue to use it. I also believe that sliding out a chair for a girl is ‘pussy’ and only gives a feeling for ‘awkwanoia’ (conrad’s made up word) between the two. However, I certainly believe that chivalry has developed to become accustomed to today’s traditions. Now, the characteristics of chivalry are to tend to a girl if they request for assistance, to compliment and to even buy a drink for.

I also should not deny the fact that modern feminism has influenced that notion of chivalry.

Sadly, chivalry is a topic too broad to clarify, but that does not mean I cannot compare it to past societies.

In the ancient society, chivalry was to call the women, ‘mistress, provide them with first serves of food, gifts for special events (marriage)’ this information can been gathered from archaeological evidence. In the 18th century, chivalry was to open the door for a woman, bow, hold their hand to walk. In the 19th century, chivalry was to basically to provide them with more equality, to allow them better education, job opportunities.

Ill end with my comment, ‘Chivalry is a characteristic that is influenced throughout the times, it is not uniform and will vary between different cultures, minds, ages and genders. Hence, it is a topic too broad too comprehend as vast amounts of information is required to clarify its notions’. I do not have time to write a book about it, but I will leave it as a definition that is undefinable due to its inability to be uniform.

I repeat, this was a request. From now on, I will only post opinions that will definitely be answered.

Sorry, but there are no pictures as i have no primary resources for this concept.

From, Rawk the World.

‘We will Rawk and Rawk until the whole world hears us’

-Conrad & Vanessa

Vietnam – its culture and language


We’ll start simple.  Let’s do that by simply translating the word “ WHAT “ into Vietnamese.  The 1st translated word you will get on Google translation is “ “ , also known as “ cái gì “.

So tell me, in English, how do you answer when someone calls for you?  You say “What?”, right?  Well, it’s a bit different in Vietnam.  Age is a major importance.  Me, I’m ethnicly Vietnamese but have only lived there for a few years so I’ve picked up the American culture since I was very little.  Coming back to Vietnam, I realize that depending on where you stand as an individual, there is a different name for each and every person you meet in the society. 

For example, if that someone was younger than you – you call them “ em “.  If they were a bit older than you ( and is a female ) – you call them “ chị “.  Then, if they were a male – you call them “ anh “.  For people who are old enough to be your aunts/uncles – you call them “ “ (woman) and “ chú “ (man).  As for older people, you call them “ ông “ (man) and “ “ (woman).

Of course, this only works for people who live in Southern Vietnam.  Up in the North, it is much different – even I have no idea what they are.  This is to say, Vietnamese is a complex language.  And when you reach up to the mountains where all the minorities live, they don’t even speak Vietnamese!  They’re still in Vietnam, but they are not Vietnamese.   That’s the unique thing, I guess.

So back to the main point.  As we are the youngsters, we must show respect to almost everybody in the society.  How we talk, react and respond are very important.  People don’t blame you for your misbehaviors..  They blame your parents. 

English is really easy.  Your sister calls you, you say “What?”.  Your father calls you, you say “What?”.  Your grandfather calls you, you say “What?”.  But that “What” (as translated “ cái gì “ ) is the rudest and most disrespectful way of answering someone in Vietnam.  I got scolded at for just saying “ cái gì” once, and everyone looked at me like I was some evil devil from underneath hell.  So when you DO go to Vietnam I suggest you be careful of how you reply, because even with Google translation, you could still be glared at with an evil eye.

(Oh god, I just paused to take a sip of water from my cup that ants somehow crawled in..  Ew I feel blerrrg, I just drank ants!)

Body language is also an important fact.  For instance you’re trying to call someone over.  I notice that us Americans always have our palms faced up and then our fingers start the come-towards-me movement.  Woah, in Vietnam – that would be a BIG mistake.  You do that and they will practically come and beat you up! In others words, in Vietnam, we only do that hand movement to dogs or animals.  If it was done towards a human being, it would be degrading and the last thing you’d really want to do.  Ok, I’m overexagerating, but I’m serious, they’ll hate you to death if you do.

Oh I almost forgot!  Another funny fact about Vietnam culture is that they dislike having dark skin.  When I first came back to Vietnam, I felt like an outsider because I was dark.  Nah, not dark dark, but a tan dark.  Even then, people look at me like I’m some freak show.  They laugh at me, tell me how “ugly’ my skin color is and how much prettier I’d be if I were white.  It really hurt at first, but as time went by I got used to all the criticisms. 

But like people say, there is a reason to everything.  The reason to THIS was very simple, but as we have been such “outsiders” and only neighbors in their world, we would never could have guessed. 

In the US, people like to tan.  They like to look like they’ve just been back from a vacation.  They like to look like they’ve had fun and the most important, I think, is because they want others to think that they have the chance, the opportunity to even go on a vacation.  As we all know the economy in the states is really going down and alot of people just don’t have the money to spend on holidays and vacations as much…

It’s totally opposite in Vietnam.  You’re poor – that’s why you had to work out in the fields, and that’s why you’re dark!  I’m rich – that’s why I get to stay home all day, hang out and that’s how I’m white – just like the Americans!  To be honest, knowing this fact made me feel a lot better.  I just eventually didn’t care what they thought about me or my skin color..

There are so many more interesting facts about Vietnam, but I think I’m gonna build up more and more posts for later. :p    So if you like it, come back to read more next time! 

We’ll keep updating.




Absurd GREEN DAY Fan-Comments on Facebook

Facebook is like one of the most popular social websites ever.  People use it to upload pictures, write on walls, and update statuses on their daily lives.  Facebook also has fan pages where all the updated events of celebrities are posted.

Well – everywhere– there’s always a place where fans get to “stalk” their favorite celebrities/bands.  I stalk Green Day’s profile. 🙂  Big fan, big fan I am. 😛  I would sit for hours looking at their newest fotos and reading their fans’ wall posts.  Some of them are cute, some sooo funny – but some just seriously TICK me off.

Well here, I’ll show you what I’m trying to say 🙂

No. 1:  Opportunity grasper:


Ridiculous and so uncalled for.  “If you love green day so much you should add me as your friend..” ?

  • Are you really that desperate?
  • What does loving Green Day have to do with being her friend?
  • So all her friends on her FB list are Green Day fans?

Note: Green Day became famous for their music.  Please don’t take advantage of that.

No. 2:  Give-n-must-receiver:


Hmmm from the start. Ahhh come on.  Everybody says that.

*   How old were you when you started “following” them?

  • What if I said I was the one who has been with them from the start, and then there’s conflict between us?
  • Ok even if you were.  Why would you ask them for sth in return?This really gets me going because I’ve been Green Day’s fan since 10 years old and never had I ever thought of wanting sth in return.  Showing my support/love for them is the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life.Note:  you do realize that the conflict would be massive for there are kazillions, katrillions of Green Day lovers out there. 🙂No. 3:  Dis-believer:3957587293_54afbd6a16


  • Is this a trick question? 😀
    Is he expecting the “no” oryes” answer?
  • Is he even a fan? 🙂Note: I don’t think they would make a wall (Facebook wall that is)  for us to comment just for nothing.  Fans mean alot to celebs, it’s just – we’re too much for them to show each one at a time.  They already do that by performing for us.  No matter where it is.

No. 4:  Haterrrs


  • Woaw woaw mistuhAnti-social?
  • Did he seriously add Green Day just to write this comment?
  • Maybe an attention seeker?Haters himself!!!  Different people, different taste of  music. -.-  Need of fighting?  Woah.. I was very fustrated when I read this.  It made my head explode with anger.  And who knows what fustration can do to someone…Note: Punk rock and Country are totally different types of music.THE ONES I HATE MOST!!!3957587313_1cdd15e2b3

    “Keep up…”

  • Is he telling a rolling stone rock star band to keep up the great music?

In other words, people tend to ask/request alot and forget about Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt themselves.  Do they ever think about asking them how they feel?  Something as simple as “Hello, how are you guys?”..or..”bet you’re tired from the concert!”?

Don’t expect a reply, because they’re way to busy rawking the world “with” you.

I know I have strong feelings when it comes to sharing opinions, and people might think about how ridiculous I am, noticing something so unworthy such as these comments.  But to me, these little things could become much bigger later on. 🙂  Maybe?

expressed by Vanessa

Dogs+Controlled Breeding = Evil!

Today, i will be talking about the topic, “dogs”, “breeding” and “evil”

I guess I’ve just summed it up. Yes, what i am trying to say is that, the controlled breeding of a dog, purely for improving its “deformation” is utterly and despicably inhumane! If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, the let me show you some examples.

This is the widely known face of the Bulldog

This is the face of the dog before controlled breeding…

As you can see, there are some obvious differences in the two pictures.
1. The nose of the bulldog has been severely deformed.
2. The size of the bulldog (although not shown in the pictures) has greatly diminished compared to its older relative.
3. There is a noticeably less amount of flabby skin on its face and back.

Over the many years of controlled breeding, we have created numerous abnormalities in almost every of our dog species. So from these features of the bulldog, let me…enlighten you on the disadvantages and advantages.

– The deformation of the face is due to the shrinking of the dog’s skull, the nose of the dog’s skull has shrunk due to the years of controlled breeding. This causes an irregular shape in the dog’s nose which in turn creates many respiratory infections, diseases, problems and physical limitations. Every bulldog that is born, develops respiratory diseases and problems!
– The diminished size of the bulldog compared to its older relative is very, very bad. why? well, its short legs means that it has to take more steps to walk an amount of distance. e.g. if i take one step, the bulldog must take four. This including the dog’s respiratory limitations equals an unhealthy and problematic dog that would cost its owner many tens of thousands of dollars to correct.

– The more deformed the dog, the better you will rank in a dog show.
– The more deformed the dog’s face, the more it makes us say “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww… how CUTE!!!!!!!!!”

Now, I don’t need to tell you, for you to understand how badly we are treating dogs (or any other species might i note). So…why would we be doing this? Is it because we did not know that it was bad? Is it because we like deforming dogs, merely for entertainment? OR, Is it because of a trophy and $10,000 reward money?

I know it is the 3rd answer. Breeders, from since the early 1800s, have intended on deforming their dog, to have the more “extreme” feature compared to any other dog of its species. They did this because of the dog shows and where might i say, did these dog shows originate from? England of course….

In my opinion, our lust for better complexion in one’s face, our desire to increase one’s feature even to the point of being a “freak” and our obvious expectation to create predicaments points to none other than, our greed. Now, i don’t mean all of us do this, but there are those who always ruin this for others. I myself have a dog, and this is the reason why i am so..passionate to such a topic. My dog is a Labrador a guess what? It has already been deformed. But this deformation occurred in the 1800s and as generations have passed, every Labrador has inherited this problem. You may be wondering, What is the deformation? every, Labrador i know is normal as far as i can see. Well, let me tell you this, its deformation does not lie on any visual features, this deformation is actually down to its bone. So, in fact, every Labrador will encounter arthritis sometime in its life.

Other dogs with deformations include, Chihuahuas (it used to be a much bigger dog with a bigger jaw), “Wiener dogs” (it used to be taller and its body was obviously shorter), beagles were taller, almost as tall as a Labrador. So in conclusion, i say that breeders who breed dogs purely for the entertainment of others and the reward for a trophy is what i label as evil and inhumane.

There we have it, another rant from Rawk My World

We do not own any of the pictures, videos or any media related material other than the text on the website.

We look forward to any feedback.


The Dust Storm (named by the media:Life on Mars)

1st thing in mind?

STORM! RUN! HIDE! – and gone. Hahaha.

Three days ago the (23rd of September, 2009) there was a phenomenal natural “event” that occurred in New South Wales of Australia.

I labeled this occurrence as an event because it did not show any disastrous effects, excluding the large expenses for electrical companies such as energy Australia.

On that Wednesday, were winds blowing from up to 80km/h in the rural areas of western New South Wales, these winds had apparently picked up the reddish/orange dust of the outback and blown them all across the states of New South Wales. These winds blew all the way from the city of Broken Hill to Sydney.

By the early morning, every man, woman and child had woken up to a sunset which had enveloped their field of vision (orange dust had covered, well, basically, anything that was outside. Lulz.)

You may be wondering, “how could these winds have blown so much red dust from such a large distance”? (points and measures the distance from Broken Hill to Sydney on the globe).

Well, the answer is: “These winds did not blow, they literally fanned the dust for hours on end without ceasing”.

I should also note, prior to the dust storm, was a HUGE amount of thunder, rain and wind. Seriously!  The thunder was MAJOR, i was listening to Human by The Killers, and the thunder made my bass jump and my speakers go static.

This happened because i literally saw a flash of lighting hit a house right in front of my street, the sound of the lightning and the flash happened at the exact same time.

So here is how i saw this whole event. i’ll list it as a time line for you folks.

06.00pm: i wake up to hear a huge rainstorm. my roof was ringing with “thuds” and “cracks” from the fat rain drops.

08.00pm: i turn on my music, and then watch the amount of water flowing down the street whilst feeling amused at a guy struggling to accelerate his car upwards from my steep hill.

08.15pm: the guy is still struggling. thunder strikes in from of me, electronic system goes berserk.

11.00pm:  rain changes to a light shower, i begin doing an all nighter for the exam tomorrow (lol)

01.00am:  wind suddenly picks up and the house is filled with rattles, i look outside and see huge gusts of wind that even shape the palm trees to the form of a banana, the whole place turns dark outside.

02.00am:  my brain: “hmmmm, the curtains are abnormally redder than usual”. i flip open the curtains and i see a canvas of red. so i put on a raincoat and go outside. instead of rain, i get hit with sand? *runs back inside, takes shower and returns to work*

04.00am: street is orange, the dust storm has stopped.

08.10am: (on train to school) –  friend: “hey, when i woke up, from my window, i saw that the whole city was orange”.  Me: “so? i walked outside at the time when the storm was blowing red…owned much?”

Here is a Scene from a driver in Broken Hill

Some fun facts:


the dust that blew over Sydney had also flown over the sea and had colored New Zealand’s mountains orange

-coincidentally, the price for car washes had been increased.

-this dust storm is said to have occurred every millennium

-second dust storm due to occur on the coming Saturday-Sunday (rumor)

Here is a news article that talks of what happened after the Dust Storm.


written by Conrad