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Love and Jealousy :)

“We are all born for love.  It is the principal of existence and its only end.”, said Disraeli.

No one, even greatest psychologists, can define the word “love” successfully.  However, true love is an accord, long process of understanding, sharing unforgetable memories.

In its essence, love is appreciation, a recognition of another’s value.  Without respect, love cannot go far.  It’s not a moment of whimsy, nor is it used to label the sexual excitement of the young.  Our heart is sometimes shaken up by a graceful look, beautiful eyes, or dimples of a nice girl but it is just stirred for a moment, not everlasting.

To love is not to possess. 


Up to now, so to speak, the life of human being is not simply limited to the most pressing needs, food to keep them alive and clothes to keep them warm.  Besides the material requirement, spiritual needs are, of course, not less important in which love is always an immortal theme.  With the time, love which is a wonderful feeling comes to everyone at sometime in his life.  As being in love, you will feel happier to look towards a brighter future and you also want to share joys as well as sorrows. 

In love, sacrifice is considered as an indispensable virtue that is a clearly moral standard asserted by one’s love.  Furthermore, sacrificing all of the most precious things of your life for your lover is an important factor to keep your love everlasting.  Along with love and its sacred mission, jealousy is always a company going along with love at any time and anywhere

Frankly speaking, jealousy which is put in the right place and right time will be an efficient medicine in order to make love more colorful.  On the contrary, an absurb jealousy, in order to satisfy the ego and selfishness, can break down many genuine hearts of lovers.  There can be no doubt that the absurd jealousy certainly is a culprit that kills many romantic dream love stories. 

How pitiful the jealousy is blamed like this!

From my point of view, jealousy itself has no guilt at all;  the most important is wether people use it properly or not. 

To sum up, more than anything else on this world, love and jealousy are 2 necessary qualities to keep human’s race existing with the time.

– written by Vanessa


Absurd GREEN DAY Fan-Comments on Facebook

Facebook is like one of the most popular social websites ever.  People use it to upload pictures, write on walls, and update statuses on their daily lives.  Facebook also has fan pages where all the updated events of celebrities are posted.

Well – everywhere– there’s always a place where fans get to “stalk” their favorite celebrities/bands.  I stalk Green Day’s profile. 🙂  Big fan, big fan I am. 😛  I would sit for hours looking at their newest fotos and reading their fans’ wall posts.  Some of them are cute, some sooo funny – but some just seriously TICK me off.

Well here, I’ll show you what I’m trying to say 🙂

No. 1:  Opportunity grasper:


Ridiculous and so uncalled for.  “If you love green day so much you should add me as your friend..” ?

  • Are you really that desperate?
  • What does loving Green Day have to do with being her friend?
  • So all her friends on her FB list are Green Day fans?

Note: Green Day became famous for their music.  Please don’t take advantage of that.

No. 2:  Give-n-must-receiver:


Hmmm from the start. Ahhh come on.  Everybody says that.

*   How old were you when you started “following” them?

  • What if I said I was the one who has been with them from the start, and then there’s conflict between us?
  • Ok even if you were.  Why would you ask them for sth in return?This really gets me going because I’ve been Green Day’s fan since 10 years old and never had I ever thought of wanting sth in return.  Showing my support/love for them is the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life.Note:  you do realize that the conflict would be massive for there are kazillions, katrillions of Green Day lovers out there. 🙂No. 3:  Dis-believer:3957587293_54afbd6a16


  • Is this a trick question? 😀
    Is he expecting the “no” oryes” answer?
  • Is he even a fan? 🙂Note: I don’t think they would make a wall (Facebook wall that is)  for us to comment just for nothing.  Fans mean alot to celebs, it’s just – we’re too much for them to show each one at a time.  They already do that by performing for us.  No matter where it is.

No. 4:  Haterrrs


  • Woaw woaw mistuhAnti-social?
  • Did he seriously add Green Day just to write this comment?
  • Maybe an attention seeker?Haters himself!!!  Different people, different taste of  music. -.-  Need of fighting?  Woah.. I was very fustrated when I read this.  It made my head explode with anger.  And who knows what fustration can do to someone…Note: Punk rock and Country are totally different types of music.THE ONES I HATE MOST!!!3957587313_1cdd15e2b3

    “Keep up…”

  • Is he telling a rolling stone rock star band to keep up the great music?

In other words, people tend to ask/request alot and forget about Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt themselves.  Do they ever think about asking them how they feel?  Something as simple as “Hello, how are you guys?”..or..”bet you’re tired from the concert!”?

Don’t expect a reply, because they’re way to busy rawking the world “with” you.

I know I have strong feelings when it comes to sharing opinions, and people might think about how ridiculous I am, noticing something so unworthy such as these comments.  But to me, these little things could become much bigger later on. 🙂  Maybe?

expressed by Vanessa