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The Dust Storm (named by the media:Life on Mars)

1st thing in mind?

STORM! RUN! HIDE! – and gone. Hahaha.

Three days ago the (23rd of September, 2009) there was a phenomenal natural “event” that occurred in New South Wales of Australia.

I labeled this occurrence as an event because it did not show any disastrous effects, excluding the large expenses for electrical companies such as energy Australia.

On that Wednesday, were winds blowing from up to 80km/h in the rural areas of western New South Wales, these winds had apparently picked up the reddish/orange dust of the outback and blown them all across the states of New South Wales. These winds blew all the way from the city of Broken Hill to Sydney.

By the early morning, every man, woman and child had woken up to a sunset which had enveloped their field of vision (orange dust had covered, well, basically, anything that was outside. Lulz.)

You may be wondering, “how could these winds have blown so much red dust from such a large distance”? (points and measures the distance from Broken Hill to Sydney on the globe).

Well, the answer is: “These winds did not blow, they literally fanned the dust for hours on end without ceasing”.

I should also note, prior to the dust storm, was a HUGE amount of thunder, rain and wind. Seriously!  The thunder was MAJOR, i was listening to Human by The Killers, and the thunder made my bass jump and my speakers go static.

This happened because i literally saw a flash of lighting hit a house right in front of my street, the sound of the lightning and the flash happened at the exact same time.

So here is how i saw this whole event. i’ll list it as a time line for you folks.

06.00pm: i wake up to hear a huge rainstorm. my roof was ringing with “thuds” and “cracks” from the fat rain drops.

08.00pm: i turn on my music, and then watch the amount of water flowing down the street whilst feeling amused at a guy struggling to accelerate his car upwards from my steep hill.

08.15pm: the guy is still struggling. thunder strikes in from of me, electronic system goes berserk.

11.00pm:  rain changes to a light shower, i begin doing an all nighter for the exam tomorrow (lol)

01.00am:  wind suddenly picks up and the house is filled with rattles, i look outside and see huge gusts of wind that even shape the palm trees to the form of a banana, the whole place turns dark outside.

02.00am:  my brain: “hmmmm, the curtains are abnormally redder than usual”. i flip open the curtains and i see a canvas of red. so i put on a raincoat and go outside. instead of rain, i get hit with sand? *runs back inside, takes shower and returns to work*

04.00am: street is orange, the dust storm has stopped.

08.10am: (on train to school) –  friend: “hey, when i woke up, from my window, i saw that the whole city was orange”.  Me: “so? i walked outside at the time when the storm was blowing red…owned much?”

Here is a Scene from a driver in Broken Hill

Some fun facts:


the dust that blew over Sydney had also flown over the sea and had colored New Zealand’s mountains orange

-coincidentally, the price for car washes had been increased.

-this dust storm is said to have occurred every millennium

-second dust storm due to occur on the coming Saturday-Sunday (rumor)

Here is a news article that talks of what happened after the Dust Storm.



written by Conrad

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