The movie 2012 and its relevance with the actual end of the earth

2012, is a film that is just about to be released here in Australia.

The movie provides great pictures and scenarios of how our world may end. (im gonna watch it in the movies, seriously) But, guys (and girls) im sorry to say… pack away your guns and any materials you might possibly use for anarchy, coz the end of the world aint coming. (not in our life time atleast).

Im saying this because many people around the world who heard that the mayan calander depicts the end of the world, just took it the wrong way…

WOW, some calander ends in two years and this gives us the excuse that the world is going to end? BIG DEAL!

Let me prove to you WHY it wont happen!

The mayan calander is much like our own.

We have 365 days in our year (not including leap years).
Our calander only runs for one year.
After every year, we make a new calander.

Now, WOULDNT you think this also applies to the mayans?
well, correct me if Im wrong, coz i typing this from the top of my head.

BUT, the mayan calander has an age of 5,125.36 years.
so in 5,125.36 years, they need to make a new calander.
This is the end of the ‘Great Cycle’

See... it looks JUST like a clock..

so then, after this amount of years, their calander ends, and they need to replace it.

Now, coincidentally (yes, thats right, coincidences happen) the calander ends in two years (since 2009 is practically the end and the beginning of 2010).
But many people say, if the the calander is ending, and its not depicting the end of the world, then why arent they making a new calander?

Simple reason folks, VERY simple.
The mayans are an extinct civilization. If there were to still be some distant relatives or survivors, i would seriously doubt their ability to create another system of exceptional engineering, mathematical mastery in cyclical deviation and complex thinking in terms that incorporate time for past/present/future!

So therefore, the world is not ending. Only that we need to replace an irreplaceable artifact that has simply…gone out of date…

From Rawktheworld

‘We will Rawk and Rawk until the whole world hears us’



  1. Randomnized Said:

    It is kind of surprising how people can draw conclusions that it will be the end of the world because of an ancient calendar ending..what a dramatic assumption.
    But, I’m pretty sure there was some other evidence, the Mayan calendar was one of many. If i remember corrrectly there was something about a meteor that wil come and destroy Earth, similar to how the dinosaurs became extinct. (or something like that..)
    Anyway, nice post ;D

  2. conradxu Said:

    Sounds plausible, yes.
    Thing about meteors is that, one has to be either large enough to create a substantial amount of damage or it has to be traveling fast enough to wield enough energy that can rumble and crack through the core of our planet.
    Now, if the meteor was too big, we wouldn’t have enough nukes to ‘disassemble’ it into smaller parts so that those parts disintegrate in our atmosphere. If the meteor was traveling too fast, our telescopes would not be able to pick it up and relay it to the government in enough time.
    IF the mayan calender was true, and that a meteor was going to fall. Then we will all truly understand the definition of getting ‘fucked’.
    Oh and i believe that the closest we will get (in our age) to the end of the world is a collapse in the world economy that would lead to WW3. where all the easy oil has been mined and that china as a huge economic giant, will demand reserves in america. However, alaska asks america to defend it and thus two super powers fight over the last remaining reserves of oil, as a result, WW3 beings and ends in 567 nukes being fired into china with a population of 1.3billion and 300 nukes being fired into america. soon the rest of the world joins, nuclear winter happens. Everyone except for australia that is. World wide extinction, anarchy presumes. Australian population dies because theres not enough agriculture and that we cant live off eating our minerals. fallout 3 happens.

  3. stupid ppl these days. end of world is 2013 December 13… 😀

    • conradxu Said:

      sheng, go do some maya!!!

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