Blog Update

Good news guys, i have just installed Photoshop Cs4 YAY!

In about a weeks time, i will personally produce our very own RawktheWorld icon.

By having our very own icon, we can get more views on our blog coz when people see a our new posts with a little ‘awesome’ icon picture, then they’ll be sure to click to check it out.

More will be on the way.
heck. if i get Dreamweaver installed, i might as well design a whole new template for the blog (ill be sure to make it as epic as possible). But thats a maybe, im gonna need Vanessa to provide some inspiring ideas.

Oh and ive notived that many of my posts are more like essays, so from now on, ill keep less words and more pictures. So then you dont get bored half way through and say ‘fk it’. (Y)(Y)

From, Rawk the World.

‘We will Rawk and Rawk until the whole world hears us’

-Conrad Xu

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