Hey world

Woaw, we forgot to say hi.  😀

Ok so maybe you should know a lil abt us –  the current runners of this website – Vanessa & Conrad

Conrad lives in Aussy (Australia) and I live in both Vietnam and the US.  🙂  Ethnicly, we’re Asian.  Well, partly Asian. But as you can see,  distance does not stop us from doing what we like…

We both bring to you coverage of worldly events, news about celebrities and all the crazy stuff that’s going on around the world (well in our world at least). Then, we’re gonna rant and scream and yell and holler – in other words, express our feelings towards it.

We’re gonna tell you whether we LIKE it or DISLIKE it.  We know we know.  You could totally DISAGREE with us, and when that happens, it’s your turn to try and take over.  Rawk the world.

We do not own any material we embed or link, that are not said that we own it.

Have Fun and please provide feedback 🙂

Vanessa & Conrad


Oh oh oh!

I’d like to give special thanks to: Rawky Pham.

Phwwww. Thank Lord there’s an edit section. 😛

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  1. readyourblog Said:

    hey good start lol
    like to see your bogs develop

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